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We like to read and we also like to have a little fun! Shop our merchandise that blends reading with history for some unique tees, hoodies, bumper stickers, mugs, and a lot more.

Autobiography of a Mississippi Slve
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NEW! “Who controls the past controls the future…” 1984 Quote

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Freedom Isn’t Free

Thank God and thank a United States Veteran for your precious freedom! Wear these to the voting booth, a rally, or on Veteran’s Day. Makes a perfect gift for a freedom-lover or veteran in your life.

Christopher Columbus

If you like a bit of controversy wherever you go, sport some Columbus gear and get the conversations started! Get the official book of true Columbus history and share the truth about this very misunderstood explorer!

Make America SANE Again

Have some fun wherever you go with this updated twist on the MAGA hat!

I read books and I know things

You’ll want this handy answer everytime someone questions your knowledge of factual history!

Farenheit 451 Ray Bradbury

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Don’t Tread on Me (Gadsden Flag)

Politically Incorrect

Is this you, or someone you know? If you’re on this website, the answer is YES!

Don’t let history repeat itself

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George Washington “bullets” quote

Straight from a letter penned by Washington during the French and Indian War!

The Second Amendment Protects the First

Think about it for a second…then get yourself a shirt that spreads the importance of the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Lots of styles available!