Up the Western Trail


Few periods of American history can compete with the drama and excitement of the Old West. And few characters have more glorification and admiration than the American cowboy. Up the Western Trail: The Log of a Cowboy is a true-to-life diary of a cattle drive in the heyday of the cowboy. Andy Adams gives mile-by-mile detail of a drive from the Rio Grande in Texas to the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Montana, one of the longest cattle drives to be undertaken.

Adams wrote this from his decade of experience as a Texas cowboy and drover. In this tale, readers get a firsthand look at life on the trail, with all the hard work and some fun times, too. These cowboys took their herd up the Western Trail, crossing all manner of rivers and streams, meeting Commanches in Indian Territory, entertaining themselves in Dodge City and Ogallala, chasing multiple stampedes, and experiencing many other exciting adventures along the way.

This is the best kind of history book: firsthand accounts of a period in time, written by the people who were there. Originally published in 1903, it is widely considered by literary critics to be one of the most accurate publications available about the Texas cattle drives. This edition includes maps along the trail and old photos of cowboys and cattle drives.

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