Prelude to Independence: The Life of George Washington Volume 1


The Life of George Washington

Originally published in 1804, this is an incredible piece of American history! This is part 1 of a 5-part biography of George Washington, written by John Marshall, a man who grew up with and knew Washington. They both fought in the War of the Revolution together, and after America won its independence, Marshall served as Washington’s Attorney General. He was specifically chosen by the Washington family to write this biography after the death of George Washington in 1799.

The remaining three volumes will follow in upcoming months. Order Volume 2 here, War in the Colonies: The Life of George Washington

Reading level: high school to adult, as well as ambitious, history-loving younger students!

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This is our favorite kind of history book to reprint: a history written by someone who was there. In this case, the author was a persona friend, fellow soldier, and fellow founding father of George Washington.

The Life of George Washington, Volumes 1-5, was published by John Marshall between 1804 and 1807. Marshall was uniquely suited to write this biography of our first President. He served under General Washington in the American Revolution, and after the new nation was formed, he was President Washington’s Attorney General. As a personal friend of Washington and a participant in America’s founding, John Marshall gives Americans a front-row seat to the life and service of the father of our country.

In this first volume, we have what Marshall calls “an introduction, containing a compendious view of the colonies planted by the English on the continent of north America, from their settlement to the commencement of that war which terminated in their independence.” With scant mention of Washington, it instead sets the stage for his greatness by describing the events of the American colonies from 1495 to 1775. Marshall lays the groundwork for the time when Washington would take his place in history. From the discovery of the North American continent by Cabot, through the various charters and settlements all along the Atlantic coast, to the French and Indian War, and into the American Revolution, Marshall illustrates to readers which events, both large and small, led to the eventual breaking free from Britain.

Alone, it is an incredibly detailed evolution of the American Colonies. As the first part of this 5-volume work, it is a detailed early American history! Read the exciting story of the United States as it evolves from a handful of seperate colonies to a united confederacy intent on winning its freedom from a tyrannical monarch.

John Marshall has given Americans a valuable heritage with this history book! This edition, Prelude to Independence: The Life of George Washington, Volume 1 by Knowledge Keepers Bookstore is the exact text just as John Marshall published it over 200 years ago. It includes his own generous footnotes and endnotes, as well as new, additional footnotes for occasional clarification of terms; plus you’ll find portratis, historic paintings, and a few maps throughout.

Be sure to pick up the next book in the series, War in the Colonies: The Life of George Washington, Volume 2, also by Knowledge Keepers, and watch for the continuation of the series in Volumes 3, 4, and 5 soon!

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