Life in Colonial America Coloring Book

Despite an often-hostile environment, frequent shortages of food and other necessities, and countless other hardships, the settlers of colonial America persevered to establish a lasting foothold on the new continent. This informative coloring book captures the stirring drama of life during pre-Revolutionary times with a fascinating variety of images from the colonial era.
Forty-four detailed, accurate, and ready-to-color illustrations depict early seventeenth-century colonists arriving from Europe on wooden sailing vessels; encounters with Native Americans; the Spanish settlement at St. Augustine, Florida, in 1565; and the thriving Dutch colony of New Amsterdam on Manhattan Island in 1653. Other illustrations include an early Pennsylvania farm home, the deck of a slave ship, a frontier fort, a colonial kitchen, and the Deerfield massacre of 1704.
Each picture includes a descriptive caption that provides a brief history lesson. Colorists of all ages will enter into the spirit of early American life with this entertaining and educational coloring book.

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