Eyewitness to the American Revolution: The Battles and Generals As Seen by an Army Surgeon

Beginning in January 1775, Dr. Thacher journalized battles, incidents and conversations he observed. His diary, acting as a collective colonial voice cries outrage over the royal breach of the English Constitutional contact. He also bemoans the loss of life in battle, celebrating the bittersweet victory of our nation’s ultimate independence.

His outspoken and independent voice describes many battles of the Revolution in intimate detail. Both objective and impassioned, Dr. Thacher captures the full range of each battle’s implications in this chronical.

Thacher’s many anecdotes and observations build character sketches not only of the “key” figures of the way, but of the common men and women that lived it. Tragic, humorous, patriotic and sensitive, the entries expose the harsh fabric of life during wartime.

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