Betrayal, Desperation, & Victory: The Life of George Washington Volume 3


Available January 28, 2024

Part Three is now available! You’ve been asking, and now you can continue The Biography of George Washington, written by John Marshall. This volume spans 1778-1781, ending with the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown. It includes 130+ footnotes, 27 portraits and photos, and 17 historic maps.

Betrayal, Desperation, & Victory is a perfect example of why we do what we do here at Knowledge Keepers: providing primary accounts of history in an affordable manner so that your home will be a storehouse of knowledge.

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The story of George Washington is the story of American independence, and this biography illustrates that perfectly. Betrayal, Desperation, & Victory is the third volume of The Life of George Washington written by Revolutionary war hero and Supreme Court Justice John Marshall. It spans the years 1778-1781, from March of 1778 to the end of the war for independence. Having set the stage in Volumes 1-2 with a history of the American colonies and the outbreak of Revolution, Marshall now focuses on George Washington’s struggle to end and win the war.

Author John Marshall knew George Washington and his family personally. He served under Washington in several Revolutionary battles, and went on to become President Washington’s attorney general. This Life of George Washington draws heavily from Marshall’s personal knowledge, as well as Washington’s personal papers, which were entrusted to him by Bushrod Washington, the President’s nephew.

Throughout this five-volume biography, Marshall blends historic, factual details with his personal commentary on George Washington’s life and character. In Betrayal, Desperation, & Victory: The Life of George Washington Volume 3, readers will be thrilled to read about the betrayal of Benedict Arnold, the desperation of the continental troops as they suffered continual poverty, mutinies within the ranks, and the amazing victory at Yorktown. John Marshall repeatedly notes when he witnessed many of these events firshand, or interviewed key players like the Marquis de Lafayette and others.


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