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When I say that Anyone Can Homeschool, I stand by my assertion. I have homeschooled through single motherhood, working in and outside the home, low income, chronic illness, and more. And it isn’t just me. Other parents do the same thing every day, in lots of different ways. I’ve shared my stories and theirs in this book to help you see all the possibilities.

Part One of Anyone Can Homeschool is designed to help you think outside the public school classroom and see the freedom and flexibility in home education. It includes stories of my family and others in various life circumstances and how we made it work.

Part Two is all about how to get started, including legal information, curriculum, schedules, and even the hard days. Read more here:

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This is the book that challenges the objections to home education for every family: single parents, working parents, children with special needs, chronic illness in the family, low income, and more. Get your signed copy exclusively here!


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