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What is Patriot Owned Businesses?

We are a group of American Patriots and Patriot Businesses, who believe in the freedoms we have as Americans. We believe in the Constitution of the United States and support businesses and individuals with the same values.

Welcome to Knowledge Keepers

We are a bookstore dedicated to preserving history in the form of printed books in home libraries. Our mission is to republish old, out-of-print American books that tell the true story of our history, as well as recommend great newer titles.

It is no secret that our history is being erased on the internet, in schools, in libraries, and even in museums. But we can reverse this trend very easily by stocking home libraries with the truth.

Patriot Owned Businesses members can get 10% off any purchase in our store, simply by using the code PATRIOT at checkout.

Knowledge Keepers Merch

We also carry a line of custom t-shirts and other gear that reflects our love of history and books.

Don't make me repeat myself history
Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be socialists

You can read more about our mission at these blog posts, written by Knowledge Keepers founders Nicki Truesdell:

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