Knowledge Keepers 2024 Reading Challenge

2024 history reading challenge

Who doesn’t love a new reading challenge at the start of the New Year? Knowledge Keepers has a new one for you, and the best part is that it’s simple. (Get the printable version at the end!)

As with everything we do here, this simple list is dedicated to helping readers become more history literate by suggesting twelve different categories to explore this year. And while this is a “2024 reading challenge,” this list is a great starting point for everyone who wants to become a Knowledge Keeper at any time!

History Focused

Since Knowledge Keepers is all about history education and preservation, this challenge is history-focused. Local, state, American, and world history…they’re all important, and all worth preserving.

Short and sweet

This challenge is only 12 categories long — one for each month of the year. We know that it’s not possible for everyone to read 50 or 100 books each year, so we’re making this one totally achievable. And if you have the time, by all means read more!

American Revolution true stories

*With a twist!

This is where the “keepers” portion of Knowledge Keepers is important: we challenge you to add all twelve titles to your home library. This is important for you and for posterity. Hunt down something worth knowing and sharing! And keep track, because at the end of the year, we want to see your completed list!

Diary of a New York Girl

The Knowledge Keepers 2024 Reading Challenge

Here’s the short, sweet, history focused list:

  1. Autobiography
  2. Classic literature
  3. A diary
  4. A book about an American President
  5. A book of local history
  6. A battle or war narrative
  7. A collection of letters
  8. A historic chronicle
  9. A Bible commentary
  10. A dystopian novel
  11. A historical fiction
  12. A book published over 100 years ago

That’s it! If you need some suggestions to start, check out my recommended titles, book lists, and the Knowledge Keepers historic reprint series.

Orwell 1984 quote mug


Download my free printables below. This is a 3-page document including a bookmark, full-page graphic, and a write-in chart. I like to print these on cardstock, but any paper will do.

history reading challenge

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