Home Libraries

Begin building your home library with suggestions for creating space in your home, as well as book lists to help you search for the very best titles…


Don’t let the idea of a home library overwhelm you. Start with one shelf at a time. Build your collection slowly, but deliberately. Own the books you love and will read again. Own the books you remember from your childhood. Own the books that you would like to read when you have more free time.

If you only have a small space, reorganize your belongings to squeeze in a few more books. Consider your decor. It it valuable, or just pretty? There is great value in a home library, much more so than in pretty bowls or trendy pieces from your local bed and bath store.


Start small, but dream big.

Consider making your living area a library.


Or maybe a long hallway…


Now more than ever, printed books are important. With the increase in internet censorship, it’s important to store the great books in print, in our homes, to read and to pass down to future generations. Start building your library today, and make it the best part of your home.