Free homeschool study guides for American history

America, we must do a better job at history instruction. We have such a unique history, rich with character and liberty, but an apalling majority of our citizens (adults and children alike) only know a fraction of its truth! A few important names and dates are memorized, but the details, the stories, the sacrifices, and the nobility of some of our greatest heroes are all but unknown. Just watch any of hundreds of college campus interviews and you’ll be mortified at the complete lack of history that America’s population even knows.

I want to help. I want to make it fun and easy and exciting again!

That’s why I create free homeschool study guides for American history to accompany the Knowledge Keepers books. I want the average mom or dad to be able to pick up one of these firsthand accounts and turn it into a history lesson they will never forget.

Free homeschool study guides for American history
Mile Standish Study Guide

While public education is in a heated battle over which viewpoints to use in history classrooms, homeschool parents have the blessed freedom to be as choosy as they want in the curriculum they purchase for their children. Forget modern viewpoints and leftist revisionism. History can best be learned from the true accounts of the Americans who witnessed it. In letters, journals, diaries, and firsthand observations, we get a front row seat to the events that made America.

As I proof my way through each reprint in the Knowledge Keepers series, I constantly remark to my husband how amazing some of the most “ordinary” American heroes were. I repeatedly say, “Wow, this story is incredible!” I want you and your family to have the same experience. I want parents to learn things they never knew, and to pass these true and inspiring stories on to their children.

Oregon Trail study guide
Freighters and Pilgrims study guide

Free homeschool study guides for American history

Below is the list of current study guides for the books in the Knowledge Keepers inventory. They are all a bit different from each other, since each book is unique. However, they are all suitable for multiple ages and grade levels, because that’s how I use them in my homeschool.

George Washington and 18th Century American History

This online guide features FOUR Knowledge Keepers Books as it takes you through 1700s America through the Life of George Washington. If you want to know how to use our books in your homeschool, this is a great example.

You’ll use:

  • Prelude to Independence: The Life of George Washington, Volume 1
  • War in the Colonies: The Life of George Washington, Volume 2
  • Iroquois Handbook
  • Able and Mighty Men

Click here for the complete guide.

Able and Mighty Men Book and Study Guide

Able and Mighty Men: Biographies of the Men Who Signed the Declaration of Independence

Get the free guide to the history of the Declaration of Independence. Line by line, students learn what prompted the famous words penned by Thomas Jefferson and other members of the Continental Congress.

Click here to get te guide.

Christopher Columbus: His Story and His Journals

If you ever wanted a book that smashes all kinds of misunderstandings, this is it! From his own writings, learn all about the life and voyages of Columbus, and dig deep into the history and geography of his times!

Get yours here.

Christopher Columbus Book and Study Guide

Miles Standish: The Puritan Captain

Dive in to the life and times of the Pilgrims who settled the Plymouth Colony and established the first Thanksgiving!

Get yours here.

Freighters and Pilgrims: Two Stories of Western Immigration

Dive into the Oregon Trail with TWO diaries from the trail in 1865!

Order here.

Iroquois Handbook: History, Manners, and Customs of the Indian Nations Who Once Inhabited Pennsylvania and the Neighbouring States

See a simple guide to using this book in your study of the French and Indian War HERE.

Read the only authorized biography of the Wright Brothers!

Download the free study guide here.

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