Bonus Links: Wright Brothers

Welcome to the Bonus Links page for Aeroplane: The Wright Brothers, published by Knowledge Keepers Bookstore. This page is an accompaniment to the free study guide download.

Chapter 1: Childhood and Chapter 2: Background

Chapter 3: Bicycles and Printing

Chapter 4: First Thoughts of Flight

Chapter 5: Gliding at Kitty Hawk

Chapter 6: First Powered Flight

Thanks to the invention of moving pictures, the first flight was captured on film! Watch the video on YouTube:

Chapter 8: Experiments of 1904-1905

Chapter 10: The Army Not Interested

Contrast the attitudes in this chapter with just a decade later, when airplanes were in use in 1915 during World War 1. looks at the first war to feature aircraft

Chapter 11: Europe Discovers the Wrights and Chapter 12: The Wrights in Europe

Read an article from the French aeronautical magazine L’Aérophile at the website Early French Flight.

Chapter 13: A Deal with the U.S. and Chapter 14: End of Disbelief

Read about the deal the U.S. Army made with the Wright Brothers at National Archives Text Message.

Watch this YouTube video of the 1909 test flight at Fort Meyer:

Chapter 17: In the Aviation Business

Read The Airplane Business at

Chapter 18: Patent Suits

Visit the United States Patent and Trademark Office kids page!

Watch this series of videos make for kids on intellectual property:

Chapter 19: Why the Wright Plane was Exiled

Thankfully, the Smithsonian (now National Air and Space Museum) corrected its ways, and they have a fabulous display, which you can tour virtually with this YouTube video:

Human Flight

After the Wright Brothers succeeded in solving the problem of human flight, airplanes quickly became a part of everyday life in the 20th and 21st centuries. Check out more websites: primary sources

History of Flight: Encyclopedia Britannica

Explain That Stuff

Educational content from NASA

Free activities and printables from Twinkl

Virtual Wright Flyer

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