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Christopher Columbus: His Story and His Journals

I have created a free study guide to use with this very important book!

Age level

This book is actually two books in one, and adaptable to all ages.

Book One is a narrative of the life and discoveries of Columbus, written by Edward Everett Hale in 1892, and based on the journals and letters of Columbus (and others). It is easily appropriate for elementary through high school, as well as a family read-aloud.

Book Two is a collection of those actual letters and journals for reference and details. It is sometimes harder reading, so it would be better for advanced or curious elementary students, and great for middle and high school students.

How to use the book and guide

The book and this study-guide make a great stand-alone study of the life and voyages of Christopher Columbus, or they can be used as a supplement to any world history or American history curriculum you currently use. This guide includes maps, notebooking pages, illustrations, and research topics.

The Bonus Links here help to extend your fun! Here you will find a chapter-by-chapter guide to websites and activities that perfectly accompany this guide.

Whether studying explorers of the world or the beginnings of American history, this book will add significant detail and the guide will provide ideas for more research and activities for all ages.

Get the Christopher Columbus Study Guide free PDF download here

Christopher Columbus Study Guide

Study Guide helps:

  • a globe or world atlas
  • colored pencils
  • 3-ring binder

Recommended reading for high school and adult:

Suggested supplemental books for children:

Geography and Navigation

Chapter I

Chapter II

Chapter III

Explore an interactive map of the four voyages here

Chapter IV

Chapter V

Chapter VI

Chapter VII

Chapter IX

See a video of “gold washing” below:

Chapter XI

Chapter XIII

This page has links to articles about the remains of Columbus, portraits, and a lot more!

The movie 1492: Conquest of Paradise is a decent one for Hollywood. I would allow it in my home for at least ages 10 and up, maybe younger. There are naked buttocks because of the native islanders, of course. But if you want a fairly accurate portrayal of Columbus, this is good.

Nicki’s blog posts about Columbus and history revisionists:

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