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Home libraries with stacks and stacks of printed books is our passion here at Knowledge Keepers Bookstore. We believe that the convenience of websites and e-readers has caused a lack of appreciation for the printed word, accurate records, and historic texts.

Read our lists, get inspiration for your home library, collect all the titles in the Knowledge Keepers Home Library series, and shop our fun tees, hoodies, and mugs!

Knowledge Keepers Home Library Series

Our number one project is reprinting old, factual, out-of-print history books in affordable editions for home libraries. These are the books written by the men and women who made and documented American history. Shop our full collection and build your home library with accurate and exciting history!

FREE Study Guides for Knowledge Keepers Books

We have created a series of free, downloadable PDF study guides to accompany some of the books in the Knowledge Keepers series. These are perfect for homeschooling parents who want to use our books in history lessons and need an easy guide. Suitable for all ages!

Bonus Links

Besides our free study guides, we have Bonus Links to give you even more fun and information to accompany our Knowledge Keepers books! They go great with the books on their own, and even better with the study guides. Links include videos, recipes, activities, and more.

Shop our tees, hoodies, bags, and more

We have blended history, reading, and fun into our exclusive line of merchandise. Grab some apparel for yourself and some bags and coffee mugs for gifts!

Home Libraries

Get inspiration and how-to ideas for building a home library.

Book Suggestions

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Book Lists

Peruse more lists of books, and be a keeper of knowledge!

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